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There are many online poker calculators available for the community to use that offer players the world but end up lacking when it comes to practicable use and simplicity. The player is concerned with several things when playing a game of poker and they are their hands value, potential pitfalls and any other indicators that could lead to the right move. The Magic Holdem application offers a range of information that is carefully presented to the user without hindering game play. One mistake that other tools like this cause is blocking the view of the gaming screen. This applications main function of being a Texas Holdem Odds Calculator does not distract the user at all, it only benefits.

This program boasts features like a real-time odds calculator and after just a few short hands I began to feel this. The poker odds calculator quickly calculates the hand you have with the cards on the table almost instantly. This gave a real seamless transition with the game play and it felt less of an add-on but an actual part of the Titan Poker application. This feature is highly important when playing poker because the last thing you would want while you are playing is a unpredictable calculator.

Whilst using the program I also tried out some of the other features by switching windows and having more than one table running at a time. When I switched windows the program kept up with the changes and even popped up when it was my turn again to act. When I had more than one table open the program worked perfectly and acted the same way it did when I had only one open. The tool did not hinder my game play and allowed me to view all the normal features of the table.

Magic Holdem & Poker Bonus

Magic Holdem also offers a great deal for online poker players when you sign up for new poker rooms. If you think that a poker tool with features like this will cost too much you should think again. If you sign up and make a deposit with any of the three online poker rooms with the Magic Holdem promotional code, you will receive a free full one year license for the poker room tool. This is great considering you will be making a deposit to play online poker, so this is great free addition to boost your game play. With this tool I can see myself making quite a bit of money just playing the low stakes tables.

Magic Holdem is affiliated with over 7 poker rooms including, Titan Poker, Party Poker, Full Tilt, Everest, Mansion, Expekt, so now more than ever is it more accessible to poker players of any room.