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Bingo Players Need Strategy Too!

Bingo Players Need Strategy Too!

The debate over poker’s place as a game of skill or chance is one in which only non-players become embroiled. The merest facts prove to those who love the game that it takes just as much skill as luck to progress in the game – facts to which even legendary poker players such as Doyle Brunson can testify! However, while the element of skill and the need for strategy sets poker apart from many other forms of gambling, poker players are increasingly discovering that there is as much a need for strategy in bingo as in their own beloved game, a need which has seen scores of online poker fans adopt bingo as their second love.

Mathematics and probability have always played a prominent role in poker strategy, and adopting similar techniques can boost winnings when playing progressive online bingo. 75-ball bingo, for example, utilities 75 balls in any game, any of which can be selected by the Random Number Generator (RNG). The numbers called are completely random and, ergo, impossible to manipulate, as are the numbers printed on the cards from which players mark their numbers and win games. However, in such a seemingly luck-based game, the first major element of bingo strategy comes in selecting the cards with which to play.

It may seem credulous to suggest that a first glance of a bingo card would lead a new player to surmise that one containing the most random mix of numbers would have the greatest chance of winning. This is, of course, contradictory to the laws of mathematics, which suggest that any sequence of numbers should have the same probability of being drawn as any other in a random selection. However, winning cards rarely contain sequential numbers, so avoiding these is a key element of bingo strategy.

Players regular to other games but bingo often surmise the game to be as it was in their childhood – perhaps played by older generations at a slower pace than they would like. In fact, online bingo is nothing of the sort. Instantaneous game play requires quick fingers and mental agility, particularly when taking on new bingo games, include adventurous titles such as Lost Island and Pirate’s Gold. These games are much more spontaneous and pacey than regular games, a factor which attracts players from other haunts eager for quick action. Like any slots game, they also require a healthy dose of strategy to succeed.

As in poker, the main secret to success in bingo is practice. A player new to any game will inevitably find it a steep learning curve. For poker players, the beauty of bingo lies in the portfolio of skills required for their first love which will allow their second to blossom in their hearts.

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