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Have you ever played online poker with an odds calculator ?  There are already over 30.000 players using Poker Calculator Pro to win more! This poker calculator use the auto read method that gives you odds, pot odds and betting advice in real-time.

You don’t have to input any data just start the program and the calculator attach automatically to your table. Play with Poker Calculator Pro and you will instantly see the strength of your hand and get real-time betting advice. It calculates in a unique formula to advice you the best play on every hand in your game.  Fold, check, call or raise. Poker Calculator Pro is the first and one of the leading poker calculator on the poker tool market.

It’s hard not to win money!  Adjust your style, loose or aggressive, tight or passive, helping you maximize your winnings. Even change it up based on positioning or pre and post-flop betting.

Poker Calculator Pro

Online Poker Calculator

Texas Calculatem does all the hard mathematical work for you. If you want to start making more money playing poker use at least one poker tool.

Poker Calculator Pro is available free and if you are new to online poker tools you certainly have to start off with Poker Calculator Pro before advancing to the more complex poker tools and one major advantage is that is accepted by a wide range of online poker room.

Poker Odds Calculator

Most poker odds calculators work by randomly dealing the outcome thousands of times and averaging out the results. That’s not nearly enough in poker, as a player still in a hand when other players have folded obviously doesn’t have just any random poker hand. What Poker Calculator Pro does is use a complex mathematical algorithm to give weight to your opponents’ likely hands, given position and table play, in every situation.

Poker Probability

It then determines the exact probability you will have the best hand at the river. It makes all the difference in the world. The predictions Poker Calculator Pro make are extremely accurate. With the added benefits Poker Calculator Pro makes better prognostication than most basic odds calculators. It’s no wonder this tool is the one of the best selling poker pot odds calculators.

Best of all, you can get it for FREE! Just visit Poker Calculator Pro

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