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Poker Edge

Poker Edge

Poker edge is a poker trackers that provides over a million hand histories, notifications, filters and others functions in real-time. With Poker Edge, you are able to analyze your game play as well as your opponent’s game play. The tool helps you to detect and fix leaks as well as finding soft or profitable tables.

Poker Edge 5 provides several functions in one nutshell and these include odds calculator, buddy list, table selector, in-depth player analysis, huge database of hand histories, built in HUD and data-mining of information in real-time.

Features offered by Poker Edge

– Player Stats in real-time

– Table finder

– Identify the shark and fish

– Analysis of your game play as well as your opponents

– Detect and fix leaks

– Collection of hand histories from several online poker rooms

The software is available as download version and offers a 5-day free trial. It is easy to install and once installed, it automatically attaches itself to the poker table you are currently playing at and starts to populate stats and information in real-time during game play.

The built in HUD (head Up Display) from Poker Edge overlays stats directly onto the table and allows you to add filters and show certain stats.

With the table finder, you are able to select tables that have loose players thereby giving you the opportunity to avoid playing with tight or aggressive players.

The tool has the Auto Rate feature that automatically rates your opponents according to their style of play. Once on the table, you will get to know what type of players you are playing with.

The software offers smart filters and Custom Profiles. With Poker Edge, you will certainly get to improve and sharpen your poker gaming skills.


Poker Edge

Poker-Edge Video

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